Mrs. Rachel Rudman is a Mechanechet Shana Bet in Michalah. Mrs. Rudman in addition teaches in Midreseht Tehila, and Chedvas. She lives in Jeruslaem, Israel, with her husband She has also been a Kallah teacher for over thirty years, and lectures on She has a B.A. in Education.
Rabbi Zave Rudman is a senior Mechanech in Michlalah, and teaches at Maohr, Seminar Yerushalayim, and Chedvas. Previously he has been a lecturer on the Aish Discovery program, and at Ner La’Elef Kiruv training. He has written extensively on the Sfas Emes, and also edited the Tur Hashalem. He has SEmicha from the Rabbinate of Israel, and a B.A. in education.

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