Rav Jeff and Mrs. Naomi Schrager made aliyah in 2015 from Dallas, Tx. Jeff is studying to be a tour guide and works for the Online Judaic Studies Consortium writing curriculum and teaching classes. He also freelances as a genealogist and has developed a course to teach teens to research their family history. Prior to making aliyah he taught Middle School Judaics and served as the Middle School Judaic Studies Coordinator at Akiba Academy of Dallas.

Naomi teaches at Midreshet Amit and is also the director of the Beit Midrash Program at Camp Shoshanim. Before moving to Israel, Naomi was an Assistant Prinicipal at Yavneh Academy of Dallas (High School) and taught a variety of Jewish Subjects.

Naomi and Jeff live in Ramat Beit Shemesh with their four children.

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