Rabbi Allen Schwartz continues his indepth exploration of the “Prophetesses of Israel”, with Rivka, Rachel, and Leah

In our ongoing series of the “Prophetesses of Israel”, Rabbi Allen Schwartz further examines the life and challenges of our Mother Rivka

New Audio Series “The Prophetesses of Israel” by Rabbi Allen Schwartz This material originally appeared on www.YUTorah.org Explore the life and prophecy of our Matriarch Rivka. Play [sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://stuffjewsshouldknow.com/audio/prophetesses/rivka1.mp3″] download

As part of the “Prophetess of Israel” series, join Rabbi Allen Schwartz in the the further exploration of the life our our Mother Sarah

by Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Rashi in our parsha alludes to the Gemara (Pesachim 56a) which describes the last hours of Ya’akov’s physical existence in this world, when he gathered his 12 sons to reveal to them what awaits the Jewish nation in the “end of days”.

The question is often raised why so many otherwise faithful Jews choose to voluntarily live in exile from their homeland if the Torah so clearly dictates the need for the Jewish people to reside in Eretz Yisrael. And why do we sometimes even find learned rabbis who go so far as to reject the very existence of a Divine commandment to live in the Land of Israel?

by Rabbi Nachman Kahana

It has all the ingredients of a best-selling novel or a blockbuster movie: sibling rivalry, a life-threatening scene in a pit of serpents, an unexpected rescue, degradation in the slave market, a beautiful seductress and her jealous husband, incarceration for life, a surprise release, ascent to international fame and power, and then, sweet revenge.

Albert Einstein labored unsuccessfully to determine what he called the “Unified Field Theory”, which combines the fundamental forces of physics into a single theoretical framework.
We find a similar attempt at unifying the principles underlying the holy Torah.

Then Hashem showed us his signature… This message is directed to the young men and women still residing in the various Jewish communities in the lands of our exile.

“How Do I Know What G-d’s Dream Is?”

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