by Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel – Never in history have religious Jews hidden behind Torah study to evade defending Jewish lives.

Scientific discoveries in the last 100 years have given modern man a new sense of humility. While civilization celebrates its social and technological advances, humanity realizes how infinitesimal we are in relation to the vastness of the universe.

Seventy-two years ago this week one of the greatest revolutionaries in Jewish history was assassinated. His name was Avraham ‘Yair’ Stern. He was hiding in a small coat closet in a clandestine apartment in Tel Aviv when the British police found him. Alone and handcuffed surrounded by three armed policemen, he was shot dead at the age of 34.

By Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel – In a few months we will witness history in Israel. An ancient and revolutionary idea, all but lost, will be resurrected. This concept is not only an ancient commandment but also reflects a fundamental principle in an ideal Jewish society. Shemitat Ksafim – The annulment of debt.

Why are 30% of Buddhist spiritual leaders in the US Jewish?
Why do Israeli’s swarm to the Far East after the army in such overwhelming numbers?
Does Judaism have anything to learn from Buddhism? What about Buddhism from Judaism?
On this weeks podcast Ari and Jeremy tackle the spiritual roots of the far east and compare and contrast the spiritual paths of India and Israel.

by Jeremy Gimpel

Did you know that Israel has more vegetarians per capita than any other Western Country in the world? Israel dwarfs Norway, Sweden and Switzerland and far surpasses the US and Canada. When an international survey was done in 2001, most countries ranged from 1%-4% while Israel was approaching 10%.

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