Rav Shlomo Brama, Detroit Kollel, Torah MiTzion Garments of Sanctity Much of Vayakhel and Pekudei – which describe the construction of the Mishkan – pertain to the multiple layers which are used to dress and swathe the Mishkan, the kohanim and the keilim (utensils). Specifically, the Mishkan was covered with wool panels (yeri’ot tzemer) upon which were red-dyed tachash skins; the kohanim wore layers of the bigdei kehunah (the priestly…

Rabbi Binny Freedman – I was desperate to get a day off; we were still in basic training, and I had barely been in the army three months, but my folks were landing at the airport the next afternoon, and I was hoping my commanders would give me a break as I had not seen head or hair of any family in the two months since I had joined up.

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