by Rabbi Josh Gerstein
In a few days’ time, Jews around the world will gather their children around the Seder table and recount the story of the Jewish people’s Exodus from the Land of Egypt.

Rabbi Dave Mason author of “The Age of Prophecy” book series shares how the Passover seder is not just there to recall the exodus from Egypt, but to complete unfinished work.

Yonatan Razel performs his now classic Vehi Sheamda  with Simon Cohen Shai Abramson Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.  Absolutely beautiful!

Did you ever wonder why the Holiday of Passover is called “Passover”? Rabbi David Aaron explores the spiritual meaning behind the name of this holiday, and finds that the deepest theme is surprisingly, love.

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach shares the deepest secrets about Pesach and Freedom!

All the rest of the cleaning jobs are either strictures or just made up. When we work hard, we use up our energy and get mad at the kids. You have to educate the kids — but not to educate them to be aggravated:

Originally from Rabbi Ari Zahtz – Given On: Monday March 04, 2013

By Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
Why does the author of the Haggada call the questioner in this sequence “the wicked child”? The reason that the Haggada itself emphasizes lies in the questioner’s exclusion of himself from the family ritual when he asks, “What is this service to you?” …

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