At the heart of our Parasha is one of the most emotionally charged human dramas in history, before which the greatest plays of Shakespeare pale.
The story of the child with the Hebrew name Tuvia (or Avigdor), who later became the Egyptian called Moshe.

To fear G-D is actually the highest level of courage because when a person possesses genuine awe of HaShem as the Creator and Source of all that exists, he cannot possibly fear Pharaoh, poverty, prison, torture or even death. “Fearing G-D” is essentially a deep awareness and conviction that nothing exists outside HaShem, which in turn eliminates the ability to fear anything subordinate. It is precisely this elevated consciousness that enabled the midwives to give birth to the greatest leadership our nation has known.

By Rabbi Mottle Wolfe

This week we have the merit to begin to read the second book of the? Torah, the Book of Exodus, or in Hebrew Shemot. Our Sages tell us that? contained within the Book of Exodus are all the deepest secrets about Exile? and Redemption. In fact,this is the main theme of the book.

By Rabbi David Fohrman originally posted on Aleph Beta – When legal matters – halachah – is not at stake, Jewish tradition has always recognized the right of all readers, in every generation, to look at the text themselves and to try to decide, to the best of their abilities, what it is that they think the text means. It is always up to individuals to read “pshat”, to try to discern for themselves what they think the simplest, most true meaning of any text is.

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