The Power of Rachel’s Tears

Aleph Beta

What’s the point of feeling sad on Tisha B’Av? Is the goal just to wallow in the past and mourn over things we can’t change? Or is there more to it than that? What if mourning can actually be a redemptive and even a transformative experience?

In this inspiring video by Aleph Beta, Rabbi David Fohrman offers a novel answer to this question based on Rachel Imenu, and why when she weeped for her children, God listened. Watch to discover what Rachel’s story can teach us about using suffering as a catalyst for growth, on Tisha B’Av and every day of the year.

Aleph Beta is a nonprofit media company founded by Rabbi Fohrman. Check out their entire library of inspiring Tisha B’Av videos here.



Aleph Beta

Aleph Beta is a non-profit media company founded by Biblical scholar, Rabbi David Fohrman. Their vast library of Torah videos dive into the text to reveal incredible patterns and inspiring Divine wisdom, with real life takeaways.