I’m in this field for almost 30 years. As time has passed, clients have changed a lot… People’s attention span have become less, and they require more hands-on/taste-related experiences.

But my basic aim has remained to connect my clients to Eretz Yisrael! I want them to understand and get a sense that this where we Jews have our roots! I love to take my clients on nature hikes (acc. to their capabilities!), visit national parks with a distinct historical/T’NaCh related content and show them the beauty of our land through the eyes of Chazal.

If in the past one could do this for a full day, today, these core educational activities need to be spiced w/experiential sites. If ever possible, I try to choose these experiential sites such that they contain Jewish educational messages.

Since pictures are worth a 1000 words, I use a lot of my own visual aids during all of my guiding.

The way I see guiding, it’s not ‘just a profession’ but much more a passion.

Licensed Tour guide: Yes

Available for virtual tours: No

Level of English: Mother tongue

Other languages: Hebrew, German

Tour guide or operator: Tour guide

What services offered: Day tours, Multiple day tours, Itinerary planning

Years of guiding experience: 27

Eshkol licensed: No

Largest group size: 150

Medic: No

Carries firearm: Yes

Rivkah Jacobs, CEO of Artzeinu Tours, Jerusalem
Rabbi Shimon Kurland, owner and head of Darchei Binah women's seminary, Jerusalem
Michael Cohen, Administrative director and director of student affairs at Yeshivat Darchei Noam - Jerusalem

Regions of expertise: Chevron, Coast, Eilat, Galil, Golan, Haifa, Judean Desert, Negev/Darom, Sanhedrin Trail, Shfela, Tzfat, Yehuda (Judea), Yerushalayim - New City, Yerushalayim - Old City

Type of tours offered: Adventure/Outdoors, Hiking, Historical, Archaeology, Chessed/Mitzva, Hike/Walking, Historical - Bayit Sheni, Historical - British, Historical - Crusader, Historical - Middle Ages, Historical - Modern, Historical - Roman-Byzantine, Historical - Tanach, Mishna-Talmud, Tanach, Water

Available for: High School Students, Collegiates, 25-40, 40-65, 65 and Older

Groups catered for: Individuals, Families, Community Groups, Missions, Student Groups

Length of tours offered: Half day, Full day, Two days, Overnights, Three days, Longer programs

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