Ready to go on a Private Tour of Israel? Let’s tour together and experience Israel like you never have before! We have loads of energy, knowledge, experience, a great sense of humor, patience for everyone, and best of all.. we are high on Touring! Geared to young and old alike, each Private Tour will be designed just for you! With hands-on experiences, creative site visits, mind-boggling tales, historical facts, and a great sense of humor Dave’s Dynamic Tours of Israel are fun and dynamic for all!

Licensed Tour guide: Yes

Available for virtual tours: No

Level of English: Mother tongue

Other languages: Hebrew

Tour guide or operator: Tour guide, Operator

Can arrange: Buses, Hotels, Meals

What services offered: Day tours, Multiple day tours, Itinerary planning

Years of guiding experience: 23

Sample tour topics:
Dynamic, fun tours of Israel, Historical, Biblical

Eshkol licensed: Yes

Vehicle available: Minivan

Largest group size: 11

Medic: No

Carries firearm: No

Academic degrees or special training:
Wine Tourism, Christian and Tanach tours

Links to videos:

Links to articles:


Regions of expertise: Yerushalayim - New City, Yerushalayim - Old City

Type of tours offered: Chessed/Mitzva, Historical - British, Historical - Modern, Historical - Ottoman, Historical - Tanach, Tanach

Available for: Collegiates, 25-40, 40-65, 65 and Older

Groups catered for: Individuals, Families, Community Groups, Missions, Corporate Guests, Mobility challenged, Special needs

Length of tours offered:

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