I focus on bringing Tanakh to life through visiting the sites where the events occurred. Very often the stories of Tanakh may be better understood and clarified when one appreciates the geographical and topographical significance of the respective landmarks. Even more often, the site is brought to life when one learns the story where it actually took place, leaving a visual association with the text.

Licensed Tour guide: No

Available for virtual tours: No

Level of English: Mother tongue

Other languages: Hebrew

Tour guide or operator: Tour guide

Can arrange: Buses

What services offered: Day tours

Years of guiding experience: 20

Sample tour topics:
In the Footsteps of Our Forefathers
Crossing the Jordan - Again!
Shmuel HaNavi in Search of the Shechinah (Bet El- Shiloh)
Shechem: Gateway to the Land
Chevron: Patriarchs, Matriarchs & Monarchy
Ir David: Where it all began....
Tekoa: In the Footsteps of Amos
In the Footsteps of Shaul HaMelech - Where is Kever Rachel?
The Secrets of Ein Gedi
Visiting Yirmiyahu's Backyard

Eshkol licensed: No

Vehicle available: Car

Largest group size: 60

Medic: No

Carries firearm: No

Academic degrees or special training:

Midreshet Lindenbaum
Midreshet Torah VeAvodah
MaTaN - Eshkolot

Regions of expertise: Chevron, Coast, Judean Desert, Negev/Darom, Sanhedrin Trail, Shfela, Shomron/Binyamin (Samaria), Tzfat, Yehuda (Judea), Yerushalayim - Old City

Type of tours offered: Adventure/Outdoors, Hiking, Historical, Archaeology, Chessed/Mitzva, Hike/Walking, Historical - Bayit Sheni, Historical - Tanach, Mishna-Talmud, Tanach, Water, Women’s Interests

Available for: Elementary School Children, High School Students, Collegiates, 25-40, 40-65, 65 and Older

Groups catered for: Individuals, Families, Academics, Community Groups, Missions, Corporate Guests, Rabbis, Student Groups

Length of tours offered: Half day, Full day

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