My role as a guide is to act the “shadchanit” between Am Yisrael and the Land of Israel – to help foster and encourage deeper relationships between individuals and Eretz Yisrael, and to help uncover the personality of the land. My expertise is with the Galil, where I live with my family on our farm in Moshav Sde Ilan. Though my specialty is history and archaeology, I am passionate about the revitalization of Yisrael in her Land, and always try to highlight inherent connections between our present and our collective past.

Licensed Tour guide: Yes

Available for virtual tours: No

Level of English: Mother tongue

Other languages: Hebrew

Tour guide or operator: Tour guide

What services offered: Day tours

Years of guiding experience: 8

Sample tour topics:
(1) The Sanhedrin in the Galilee: Usha, Shefa'ram, Bet Shearim and Tzippori (2) Saul and the Philistines: His Final Battle; (3) Devorah, Barak, Sisera and Yael: Bringing Judges 4-5 to Life; (4) Gidon the Superboy, from Ophra to the Midianite Defeat; (5) Crusader Fortresses and Battles in the Galilee; (6) The Second Aliyah in the Galilee: HeChalutz l'maan Avodah! (7) The Glories of Bet-Shean, from Tanach through the Roman Era (8) In the Footsteps of Elijah, Ahab and Yehu in the Galilee; (9) Megiddo Like You've Never Seen it Before: Hoshea's Prophecy Come to Life; (10) Hidden Treasures of Tiveryah

Eshkol licensed: No

Vehicle available: Minivan

Largest group size: 200

Medic: No

Carries firearm: No

Academic degrees or special training:

Matan - Women's Institute for Torah Studies
Rabbi Dovid Katz, Beth Abraham Congregation Baltimore
Diane Weintraub


Regions of expertise: Galil, Sanhedrin Trail

Type of tours offered: Adventure/Outdoors, Hiking, Historical, Archaeology, Chessed/Mitzva, Hike/Walking, Historical - Bayit Sheni, Historical - Crusader, Historical - Modern, Historical - Roman-Byzantine, Historical - Tanach, Mishna-Talmud, Source-Based, Tanach, Water

Available for: Collegiates, 25-40, 40-65, 65 and Older

Groups catered for: Individuals, Families, Academics, Community Groups, Missions, Corporate Guests, Rabbis, Student Groups

Length of tours offered: Half day, Full day

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