In a neighborhood of Elazar in the heart of Gush Etzion, the Supreme Court have ruled that 17 homes must be destroyed. The court ruled that since part of them (even if a very small part) lay on a strip of possibly private land (there is no person who has claimed the land as theirs), they must all be totally destroyed.

The situation is even more absurd in that the government supports the residents in their battle with the court, and have asked to merely remove those parts which were deemed illegal, but have been flatly rejected by the court.

This is where I grew up (Elazar, Israel). [in video edit: destruction**]I tend to not get political on social media because I feel like my opinion doesn’t matter, and I don’t usually have enough information on certain topics to make a valid point. This is a little different for me because this is where I grew up. I know these people and these families and they don’t deserve to have their homes destroyed. I understand this isn’t a simple subject, and I’m sure there is a lot for me to learn about the complicating situation. But I do know that building a home and living in this country is not easy, and these people risked their lives in order to provide for their families and have contributed to the community around them tremendously.Please share this if it’s important to you, and feel free to share your thoughts on this matter with me as well.Special thanks to Chaim Snow, Laura Ben-David and Avi Abelow for the photos and footage that went into this video.#17homes

Posted by Sarah Snow on Thursday, November 16, 2017

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