This week, an amazing discovery was revealed at an archaeological site in the heart of Jerusalem.

At the Schneller Compound, where archaeologists have been digging recently, the team found a large and impressive winery dating back approximately 1600 years, as well as evidence of a bathhouse and a ritual bath (mikva) full of ceramic and glass vessels. Even more interesting, is that at the site of the bathhouse, some of the bricks there are marked with the stamp of the Tenth Roman Legion, who we know were involved in the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple in 70 CE.

Archaeologist, Alex Wiegmann, said the following:

“Once again, Jerusalem demonstrates that wherever one turns over a stone ancient artifacts will be found related to the city’s glorious past. The archaeological finds discovered here help paint a living, vibrant and dynamic picture of Jerusalem as it was in ancient times up until the modern era”.

Watch a video about the amazing find below:


Surprising Finds in Jerusalem’s Legendary Schneller Compound

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