Recently, our Religious Zionist Shlichut Center organized one of the most exciting events of the year for the outgoing shlichim – the annual Religious Zionist Shlichim Convention. Over 300 Religious Zionist shlichim and shlichot will be departing for the 2017-18 year.

The Religious Zionist Shlichut Center brought together all the organizations involved in the sending of Religious Zionist shlichim, including: Mizrachi’s Shalhevet program, World Bnei Akiva, Torah MiTzion, Bat Ami, Lavi Olami, Manhigut Toranit and The Strauss-Amiel Institute.

The event was honored by the presence of Rabbi Yechiel Wasserman, Head of The Center for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora, Mr. Gael Grunewald, Chairman of the WZO’s Settlement Division and was compered by Rabbi Doron Perez, Chief Executive of the Mizrachi World Movement.

Rabbi Chaim Drukman and Mrs. Miriam Peretz, shared with the shlichim words of wisdom and experience, giving the outgoing shlichim much encouragement.

The group was treated to a hilarious performance of the satirical show Stayin’ Alive, during lunch were split into groups based on their geographical destinations, and continued with a talk by Mrs. Bat-Galim Shaer, who shared words of chizuk.

The event concluded with a brief presentation on Israel Advocacy by ‘Shinui Kivun’, and the distribution of a special gift to all the shlichim.

Mr. Ohad Tal, Head of The Shlichut Center closed the event: “We wish all the Religious Zionist shlichim chosen to go this year much success in your important mission in Jewish communities around the world. Alu VeHatzlichu!”

Check out photos from the event below:

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