The activities of World Bnei Akiva significantly increased recently, since
2011 there has been a steady growth and a fifty percent increase in the
number of shlichim and those interested in shlichut. Although in recent
years the global economy was in recession, the shlichim department has seen
continual growth.

“This proves the Jewish communities’ belief in shlichut. The communities
partially finance, and sometimes even bear the entire cost, of the
shlichim,” explains Roi Abecassis, World Bnei Akiva’s deputy
secretary-general. “The Zionist, educational spirit the shlichim bring with
them, give enormous added value in the Diaspora. We are pleased to see that
they understand the importance of this, and take an active role in
supporting the shlichim. We hope the increase in shlichim will also lead to
an increase in Aliya.”

Currently, there is a campaign for recruiting shlichim, where there is a
great demand for shlichim to France. In France, there is a great movement
towards Aliya, following waves of anti-Semitism. Jews of France realize that
there is no future in the Diaspora, and are looking to move elsewhere.
Shlichim there focus on encouraging Aliya to Israel, and urging communities
to emigrate.

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