Our Shalhevet training program for Shlichim – a project of the Mizrachi Lamm School of Leadership – has concluded its third successful year. This summer we sent off 5 recently graduated families to serve as shlichim in the US, South Africa, Australia and the UK.LAMM_Logo_300dpi

A sixth family was sent to London by Manhigut Toranit – a joint program of Kollel Eretz Chemda and the Mizrachi World Movement.

The Shalhevet training program is for native English speakers who possess a deep familiarity with the culture and needs of communities in Anglo-Saxon countries. Participants are equipped with practical skills and tools, and benefit from professional guidance on a wide range of topics within a supportive learning and idea-sharing environment with the centrality of fostering a love for the Land of Israel, its Torah & its People.

 Family Bank Greg & Hannah Bank – Johannesburg, South Africa 

The Bank family is contracted by Mizrachi South Africa. Rav Greg (28) grew up in Johannesburg and studies at Yeshivat Har Etzion where he received his Semicha while completing a B.Ed. at Herzog College. Hannah (26), originally from Manchester, is a Limudei Kodesh teacher at a girls’ school in Gush Etzion. They have one child, and will be returning to Johannesburg to serve as Rabbi & Rebbetzin of the Linksfield Shul Youth Minyan. They will both teach Limudei Kodesh at the local Jewish high schools.

 Family Hirshhorn Yonatan & Avital Hirschhorn – University of Maryland, USA  Rav Yonatan (26) & Avital (24) live in Neve Daniel and have 2 daughters. Yonatan was born in Israel and studied at Yeshivat Otniel. He served as an IDF combat soldier (Hesder). He taught at various Yeshivot/Midrashot, receiving Semicha from Rav Z.N. Goldberg. A certified Kallah teacher, Avital made Aliya from Maryland and studied at Nishmat & at Matan. She holds a B.A. in logistics & management. At the University of Maryland they will serve as the OU-JLIC couple on campus.
 Ilan & Shira Lavan Ilan & Shira Lavan – Moriah School in Sydney, Australia

Ilan (24) and Shira (24) have been contracted by the Moriah School in Sydney, Australia. They both grew up in Sydney. Ilan, who studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion and holds a degree in commerce, will be Coordinator of Experiential Jewish Education at Moriah school, while Shira, who studies at Midreshet Yeud, will teach Judaic Studies.

Family Tzykin Alex & Ahuva Tsykin –University of Maryland, USA

Rav Alex (27) & Ahuva (26) live in Alon Shvut and have 2 children. Rav Alex came from Melbourne and studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion, where he received his Semicha. Ahuva made aliya from Puerto Rico. She is a graduate of Columbia University who later studied at Migdal Oz and taught several shiurim there. They will be working for the OU-JLIC at the University of Maryland.

 Family Weiss Gershon & Tali Weiss – University of Binghamton, USA

Gershon (29) and Tali (28) live in Neve Daniel and have 3 sons. Gershon was born in Israel and studied at Yeshivat HaGolan, and teaches at Yeshivat Mekor Chayim.           Tali made aliya from Los Angeles is a neonatal intensive care nurse who teaches Torah in various capacities. At the University of Binghamton, NY, Gershon will work as the OU Mashgiach Kashrut on campus, while Tali will serve on the OU-JLIC educational staff.

מנהיגות תורנית ציוניתארץ חמדה
 הרב אליהו ויוכבד סילברמן מנהיגות תורנית Eliyahu & Yocheved Silverman – London, England

Rav Eliyahu (29) & Yocheved (27) live in Modi’in with their 4 children. They recently graduated from the Manhigut Toranit program at Machon Eretz Hemdah – a joint program of the Machon and the Mizrachi World Movement. Rav Eliyahu studied at KBY, where he received his Semicha. He has a B.Ed. and is an IDF infantry commander. Yocheved made aliya from Switzerland, and is a certified teacher & a translator. In London, they will work for Mizrachi UK and serve as senior Limudei Kodesh teachers at the leading modern Orthodox schools, and deliver shiurim to bogrei Bnei Akiva and adult members of the community.



Enterprise Israel

Our six-week-long summer internship program for North American university students, Enterprise Israel, run by our Programs Director Daniel Cohen in partnership with Ohr Torah Stone, was packed with professional development, contributing to Israeli society, learning Torah, meeting inspirational people and spending meaningful Shabbatot in various beautiful communities. Of the 12 participants, 3 are already making aliya this summer and staying in Israel, and an additional participant has already landed a job with her internship employer working from the US!

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(The group at the Kotel Tunnels)

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