Chabad Hasidism is about to sign an agreement with the Israeli army to bring
to mass recruitment of yeshiva students into the army. According to reports
published in Maariv, the IDF will allow for the Chabad followers to leave
the country for two years – to study in the Beit Midrash of the Lubavitcher
Rebbe in New York, as is tradition, and then return to Israel, establish a
home, study for another year in a kollel, and then join the army.

According to the report, the leaders of Chabad gave their consent to the

It is noteworthy that the average age of Hasidic marriage is 22 to 23.
Apparently, most of the yeshiva students will join the army one to two years
after their wedding.

The Rabbi of Kiryat Gat and Rosh Yeshiva of ‘Tomchei Temimim’ in the city,
Rabbi Moshe Havlin, said that “we follow the approach the Rebbe bequeathed
to us.” He said, “Few, indeed, are those who dedicate their lives to Torah
study. The majority learn for one to two years after marriage, and then go
out to serve as emissaries of Chabad or integrate in the workforce. When
someone leaves the kollel, there is no reason not to enlist. “

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