A group of young Dutch Jews have decided to take on the ‘boycott’ movement and through the “Tradition is Our Future” organization, have organized a counter-boycott.

 In the counter-boycott, the group has targeted companies who have boycotted, or unfairly singled out Israel or Israeli products.

 For example, a large pension fund, PGGM, refused to work with 5 Israeli banks who they claim finance “Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.” The group specifically targeted PGGM’s CEO Else Bos, who holds an advisory position on the board of Emory Univeristy in Atlanta, by asking members to demand her resignation from the board.

 They also call out PGGM for singling out Israel, while happily investing in China andTurkey who occupy Tibet and Nortthern Cyprus respectively.

 Perhaps following the recent events surrounding Scarlett Johansson, there will be a similar counter-boycott of Oxfam?

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