MIzrachi World Movement in conjunction with Telfed and Wits Alumni

Invite you to a fascinating evening about the

State orchestrated anti-Semitic events in the Soviet Union

 and its satellites leading up to the

“Miracle of Purim 1953”

After 1948 the Soviet Union and it satellites became increasingly anti-Semitic. Many Jews and Communist were arrested, tortured, falsely accused of crimes and executed. Stalin was planning large scale anti-Jewish acts. On Purim 1953, the mass murderer Stalin, a Haman of our time collapsed and died four days later and large number of Jews and others in the Soviet Communist Empire were saved.

An impressive list of speakers include:

Keynote talk by Dr. Dan Roginsky- Expert in Soviet Union Jewry

 Rabbi Doron Perez, Chief Executive – Mizrachi World Movement

Rabbi Yosef Mendelevitch and Dr. Yosef Begun “Prisoners of Zion”

 Dr. Les Glassman, Larry Pfeffer, Roy Scher- Telfed

Mr. Steve Linde – Moderator
Former Editor–in-Chief, Jerusalem Post


Date: March 7, 2017   ט’ אדר תשע”ז

Time: 19:30

Location:  The World Mizrachi Building, 54 King George Street, Jerusalem

No charge

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