Following last week’s devastating terror attacks in Paris, Facebook activated their ‘Safety Check’ feature, enabling those in affected areas to report to their friends that they are safe.


What you may not know, however, is that the technology for the feature was developed in Israel. It was at the Facebook Israel offices in Tel Aviv where the technology for the latest version of the feature was developed. In an article on Israel21c, they reported:

In the wake of the Paris tragedy, some 4.1 million people checked in with friends and relatives using the Safety Check feature, and around 360 million people received automatic messages through it from friends in Paris who had marked themselves as “safe.”

Facebook Japan introduced the forerunner of Safety Check, called Disaster Message Board, after the Japan earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. Due to its popularity among users of the social-media site, the technology was then sent for full development to the Israeli R&D team.


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