A minyan on Shabbat in Kibbutz Nir Am – a first!

 For the first time, a minyan will be held this Shabbat on Kibbutz Nir Am. Members of the youth movement Ariel in Sderot will walk the 20 minutes from the town to the nearby secular Kibbutz Nir Am.

 As a secular Kibbutz, this is unprecedented in its history. The members of Ariel will hold Carlebach-style Friday night Tefillot in order to bring a happy and special atmosphere to the Kibbutz members.

 The Ariel members are aware that they have to be sensitive and not appear to be preaching, and stress that the sole purpose is to allow those who wish to, to daven in a minyan on Shabbat.

 Future plans include adding a Kiddush where there will be a Dvar Torah for the adults and a short activity for the children.

 It has been reported, however, that they are yet to appoint the minyan’s “candy man”.

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