Former Executive Director of the Mizrachi Organisation in Melbourne, Australia, Rabbi Ronnie Figdor, has been honored with the Order of Australia.

Queen Elizabeth II chooses deserving citizens for various honors in her Birthday Awards, and Rabbi Figdor was one of those fortunate enough to be honored.

He served as the Director of Mizrachi in Australia from 2008-2012, and is currently the CEO of the St Kildas Shul in Melbourne. His community involvement has included various educational roles, serving on the Council for Christians and Jews in Adelaide, active in the Chevra Kadisha and much more.

In a response to the news, he told Australian Jewish website J-Wire: “I can think of many more people who are more appropriate. I am privileged for having perfect role models in communal activities. My grandparents and other family members were heavily involved. One was the first president of B’nai B’rith, my grandfather was involved in the Kashrut and his wife in education. I grew up in a world of community involvement.”

Mazaltov Rabbi Figdor!

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