You are probably looking at the young couple pictured (aged 86!) getting married and wondering what is going on.

A few months ago, a wonderful young lady came to our offices (Shorashim, a branch of Tzohar Rabbis Organization) together with her grandmother Tamara, so we could help her prove that she was Jewish, and enable her to marry her spouse according to Jewish law.

And we helped her prove beyond doubt that her family was, indeed, Jewish.

A short time after her granddaughter got married, Savta Tamara went for a walk with a friend on the tayelet at Armon Hanatziv in Jerusalem when 2 terrorists attacked them, stabbed them and left them badly injured. After a few days, the 86-year-old Tamara recovered from her injuries and came once again to our offices together with her husband Nikolai.

The office workers were excited to see her after they heard in the news about her being injured in the attack. But the didn’t understand why Tamara came, since her granddaughter had already got married.

Then, with tears in her eyes, Tamara explained:

“In Leningrad, they didn’t let us get married in a Jewish wedding ceremony. Now, after they tried to murder me just because I’m Jewish, I decided to beat them in my own way, and to finally get married in a Jewish wedding ceremony.”

From the above Facebook post by Uri Shechter, Shorashim (trans. Mizrachi)

A short video segment about the wedding (Hebrew):

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