“Rather than calling for hatred and revenge, since the very beginning of this nightmare each of the three bereaved families have been calling for national unity,” explained Ari Abramowitz ,an Israeli media personality who helped launch this initiative. “They have unified us, now it is our chance to stand united with them.”

In an inspiring show of resilience and character, the residents of Gush Etzion are blanketing their loose-knit cluster of communities with Israeli flags.

“Israelis, especially the youth in Gush Eztion, needed a positive way to harness both the grief of these devastating murders and the feelings of love, empathy, and support that we all feel for the victims’ families”, said Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel, Deputy Director of World Mizrachi and resident of Gush Etzion who helped launch the campaign with Abramowitz. “Jews have always made meaning out of pain and brought light out of the darkness of anti-Semitism and hatred. This united initiative is a truer reflection of the settlers. It’s peaceful, powerful, and regal. By the end of the Shloshim (30 day mourning period), it wouldn’t surprise me if this becomes a national campaign.”

“The irony of this incredible campaign is that we were initially concerned with how the youth were dealing with the trauma of the murder in their neighborhood. As soon as we got the ball rolling, it was pushed forward almost entirely by the youth here who are mobilizing with impressive efficiency to distribute flags throughout their communities,” Abramowitz explained.

“We thought it was important to launch this campaign here in the Gush, where our friends were abducted,” said Matanya Harrow, a youth activist from Efrat. “Our enemies need to understand that while they have succeeded in murdering three innocent boys, they have failed at their greater goal in trying to scare us and weaken us, ” the brave 17 year old explained.

“So many people are confused by the violence and accusations in the media,” explained Rabbi Mottle Wolfe, Director of Communications for World Mizrachi and resident of Tekoa. “Now is not the time for rifts and divisions, it is the time for healing and unity. That is what this ‘One Flag’ campaign is all about.”

The campaign has engendered widespread support from the local community leadership and the mayor, Davidi Perel, who strongly encouraged the initiative. “Orly Print,” the region’s most prominent printer, agreed to print all materials at cost.”.

The following is the message that the Gush residents received with their flags (see below):

“We, the Gush Etzion family are hanging flags from our windows.

We are raising the flag in solidarity with the Shaar, Frankel, and Yifrach families who are mourning the murder of their beloved sons. Our nation was united in tears, prayer, and hope for their sons safe return. And now, as we mourn them, they continue to unite us.

We are raising our flags, here, in Gush Etzion, as a clear message to our enemies that while they have hoped to weaken our resolve, they have accomplished the exact opposite. We are stronger than ever. We the Jewish people are one nation with one heart. We have returned to our Homeland and we are here to stay.

We are asking you to do 2 things.

1. Hang this flag out of your window facing the most people


2. Tell your friends and family to do the same. Email, Facebook

and Tweet a picture once you’ve hung it up. #ONE FLAG

Thank you.”

For comments and references for youth activists, or to receive your free flag in Gush Etzion contact

Ari Abramowitz


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