At the recent F8 Conference run by Facebook, where the company reveals what products or services it is working on, Seth Rosenberg – product manager for Facebook Messenger – presented the work on Messenger bots and the inspiration behind the product – challah.

He explains how he used to enjoy his mother’s challot that she baked for Shabbat, but had been missing them until he got in touch with a local Rebbetzin who had a service for delivering challot. And how did she take her weekly orders? Using Facebook Messenger, of course!

The interactions that Rosenberg has with Rebbetzin Ella Potash via Messenger gave him the idea of mirroring the type of conversation they were having for business and e-commerce.

The Messenger platform has almost 1 billion monthly active users around the world, and this could potentially open up many businesses to new customers and markets.

Watch Seth on stage at the conference:

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