Elle Schiff, an alumnus of Enterprise Israel, our summer internship program, was featured this week in a video about her amazing aliya story.

Elle, who recently qualified as a nurse, decided to dedicate her aliya to Dafna Meir z”l who was murdered at her home in Otniel a few months ago.

In the following news segment shown on one of Israel’s most popular TV stations, we follow Elle’s aliya from New York to Ben Gurion Airport to the Kotel where she meets Dafna’s husband, Natan, for the first time who was clearly moved by Elle’s story. Elle tells him that she was looking for something to do to honor her memory since she was such an inspiration to her and other nurses. She also showed how on her cellphone is a prayer for nurses which Dafna wrote.

Then, a few days later, Elle was invited as a guest of honor to the Meir’s daughter’s batmitzvah celebrations.

Watch Elle’s amazing aliya story here:

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