The following powerful video, produced by Israel-advocacy organization StandWithUs, shows those who claim that Israel is a foreign occupier that they are misguided.

Israel has, and will always be, the home of the indigenous population – the Jewish people:

Over 3,000 years ago an indigenous people developed a thriving civilization and culture in their ancestral homeland.

Over time they were conquered by a series of aggressive foreign empires. While some of the people stayed in their cities and communities, most of them gradually scattered across Europe and the Middle East. For 1,900 years they lived as an oppressed minority, suffering persecution, expulsions, and ultimately genocide.

They barely survived but never lost hope. They overcame.

They started a liberation movement, went back home to join those who were already there, and built one of the most vibrant, diverse, inspiring nations the world has ever seen.

That nation is Israel. People all over the world have been inspired by this story of resilience and hope. Israel’s Story: proof that if you will it, it is no dream.

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