Rabbi Yishai Fleisher sent a video message to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu from the Temple Mount.

While accompanying Rabbi Moshe David Tendler on his visit to the holiest site in Judaism, Rabbi Fleisher complained at the “inhumane treatment” that Jews receive when they visit Har Habayit.

On the occasion that Jews are allowed to visit the Temple Mount, they are surrounded for the entire duration of their visit by both Israeli Police and members of the Jordanian waqf who ensure that Jews do not pray at the site, nor bow down.

Fleisher says he feels “under threat” and that it is “below the basic standards [of human rights] and certainly it’s against the basic idea of Zionism where the Jewish People were going to ensure basic human rights for themselves on our ancestral homeland, and we don’t get normal treatment up here at all…”

He even reminds Netanyahu that he called out UNESCO for trying to deny our connection to our holiest site, and that now he should follow through and make a change.

Watch Rabbi Fleisher below:

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