Last Thursday, the Mizrachi World Movement, under the banner of The Mizrachi Lamm School of Leadership, held a most inspiring Yom Iyun for 100 current university/college students visiting Israel from the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia.


The day entitled “Recharge” gave the participants chizuk for their Religious Zionist identity and values, as well as tools and inspiration for their leadership roles at universities and colleges.

Rav Doron Perez, our Chief Executive, opened the day, addressing the global vision for Religious Zionism – you can listen to his talk below:

Former General, Minister and National Security Adviser Effie Eitam shared with the students the defining moment in his life, Rabbanit Shani Taragin gave a shiur about the roles of Yehuda and Yosef as the first Religious Zionist leaders (listen below), and Marc Rosenberg from Nefesh b’Nefesh discussed ideas how to maintain love for Israel while still studying abroad.

In the afternoon, the students were treated to a performance of “Stayin’ Alive”, the satiric comedy show that shows the inherent anti-Israel bias in the world media, the true face of the BDS movement and the ridiculous UN votes against Israel. Following the show, there was a discussion with the audience about the show, with Ilana Sherrington from StandWithUs. The show has been developed by Mizrachi World Movement in English for Diaspora communities and will be performed this week in Chicago.

The students also were privileged to join in a moving event: Or-Chadash Peretz, the oldest grandson of Miriam Peretz – son of Shlomit ‘שתחי and Eliraz הי”ד – celebrated his putting on of Tefillin for the first time with a festive meal. With the whole Peretz family in attendance, Yonatan Razel, a close friend of the family, played, sang and inspired everyone. Miriam and her two sons – Elyasaf and Avichai – spoke about faith with words straight from the heart, giving those present much strength. Rav Hillel van Leeuwen, our Educational Director who organized the event, presented unique gifts to Or-Chadash in the name of Mizrachi and the visiting students.

You can watch some of the incredibly moving scenes here:

Closing the day, there was an exciting panel on the topic of “Jerusalem – the next 50 years” with Rabbis Jeremy Gimpel, Ari Abramowitz and Yishai Fleisher, which you can hear below:



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