There have been many reactions to the disgraceful UN Security Council decision of last week.

Below are some of the best videos which have been posted in reaction to the decision.

First, Prime Minister Netanyahu went unexpectedly to the Kotel to light the second Chanukah light. His comments were as follows:

“I did not plan to be here this evening but in light of the UN resolution I thought that there was no better place to light the second Chanukah candle than the Western Wall. According to the UN resolution, the Maccabees did not liberate Jerusalem, they occupied Palestinian territory. According to the UN resolution, the villages that they started out from in the Modi’in area, those villages and that area were ‘occupied Palestinian territory’.

Of course the Palestinians arrived much later. We were in these places. We will return to these places and I ask those same countries that wish us a Happy Chanukah how they could vote for a UN resolution which says that this place, in which we are now celebrating Chanukah, is occupied territory.

The Western Wall is not occupied. The Jewish Quarter is not occupied. The other places are not occupied either. Therefore, we do not accept, nor can we accept, this resolution. We are certain of our future just as we are certain of our past. And here I would like to light Chanukah candles on behalf of the Glory of Israel. Happy Chanukah”.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee in an interview exclaimed that the Land of Israel has been the homeland of the Jews for 4000 years and that he refuses to use the word “settlement” as it conjures up an incorrect picture, rather he uses the term “building in Judea and Samaria”.

Finally, Israeli activist Hananya Naftali also explains in this video why the UN’s decision is simply absurd – how can one claim that Nablus is “occupied territory” when Joseph’s tomb is there?! Why has the UNSC only passed 8 resolutions about the Syrian massacre but dozens about Israel?! Watch his great video below:

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