In the following video, South African Olga Meshoe explains how the apartheid regime that affected her parents in South Africa is completely dissimilar to the State of Israel.

Having grown up in South Africa, and having spent a fair amount of time in Israel, I know what
apartheid is and what it is not. My parents were raised under real apartheid where blacks
were, by law, separated from whites at every level, from education to drinking fountains.

Blacks couldn’t vote, couldn’t own land, couldn’t live next to, or use the same transportation
system as whites. I remember my father telling me about how my grandfather was kicked and
humiliated in public by a young white boy. All he was permitted to say was, “Please stop, little
boss.” That was the world my family lived in.

That was the world of apartheid South Africa.

But in Israel, the law is color-blind. Israeli Arabs have the same rights as Israeli Jews. They ride
the same buses, study in the same schools, and are treated in the same hospitals. Arabs are
elected to Israel’s parliament, serve as judges, and fight in the Israeli military.

On my first trip to Israel, the group I was with had a Jewish tour guide and an Arab bus
driver. Imagine our surprise, having heard that Israel is an apartheid state. This would have
been inconceivable in apartheid South Africa.

She goes on to say how the accusation of apartheid is only one of a series of lies consistently told by the BDS movement – and she proceeds to prove all their supposed ‘facts’ about Israel to be false.

Watch her very convincing views in the video below produced by Prager University:

Does Israel Discriminate Against Arabs?

Does Israel discriminate against Arabs? Is it today's version of apartheid South Africa? Olga Meshoe, herself a South African whose family experienced apartheid, settles the question once and for all. Help support PragerU with a tax-deductible donation! 👉

Posted by PragerU on Monday, September 25, 2017

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