U.S. State Department gives strong criticism, blames Hamas.

From Jpost
IDF troops kill Palestinian during clashes near Ramallah

Rabbi Aviner: Institute death penalty to dissuade terror
One of the leading figures in the national-religious community, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, called on Sunday for the imposition of the death penalty for Palestinians involved in terrorist activities as a way of preventing future kidnappings and other terrorist attacks.

Sherri Mandell Don’t blame the victim!
The Palestinians can try to undermine and destroy us but they won’t succeed.

Pollard asks to pray for kidnapped teens
Jailed Israeli agent says he’s “davening for the safe return of our 3 boys who were kidnapped on Thursday by a blood-thirsty Palestinian terrorist cell.”

From Times of Israel
International Red Cross calls for release of 3 teens

In search for teens, IDF arrests 2 in Hebron house
One Palestinian said injured in explosion; 7 arrested south of Nablus

Shots fired at soldiers near Jerusalem, rockets at Ashkelon
No injuries reported in incident at military checkpoint on road to Etzion bloc; Iron Dome downs two of four rockets fired in south

Israel could kill Hamas leaders, defense minister hints
Moshe Ya’alon warns of ‘very heavy price’ for chiefs of organization Israel holds responsible for kidnapping 3 teens

From YNET News
Report: Palestinian wounded by IDF fire on Hebron home evacuated by military

Terrorist releases encourage abductions
Op-ed: Instead of calling for ‘more force’ against Palestinians, we should just stop freeing terrorists, former Shin Bet chief writes.

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