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From Times of Israel
Fatah-linked terrorists claim abduction of three teenagers
Group says boys are being held safely, will only be returned for thousands of prisoners

In bid for Palestinian street, Hamas gambles all
The Gaza-based group ended the unity pact with Abbas — and risked Israel’s wrath — when it kidnapped the three youths

Israel mulls expulsions, demolitions to press Hamas into freeing teens
Deputy FM wants freed Palestinian prisoners rearrested; Hamas leaders might be deported from West Bank to Gaza; IDF chief readies for ‘significant operation’

From – Debka File
Will Netanyahu use boys’ rescue operation to finally thrash Hamas in Gaza too?

From Arutz Sheva
Bennett: Kidnappers Dare Not ‘Harm a Hair’ on Youths’ Heads
Naftali Bennett visits Shavei Hevron and Mekor Hayim yeshivas, and discussed with students the fates of their classmates.

From Jpost
Jerusalem miffed at EU silence over kidnapping

Netanyahu to Abbas: I expect you to help bring back the kidnapped teens

Dont Blame the Victim by Sherri Mandel

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