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IDF’s dual mission: Searching for the teens, weakening Hamas
Israel’s security forces are carrying out two linked but not identical campaigns — hunting for the kidnap victims and drastically debilitating Hamas in the West Bank

HRW Condemns Kidnapping, but Also Israel’s Arrests
Human Rights Watch calls for the release of kidnapped youths, also has criticism for Israel with respect to its arrests of terrorists.

Families of kidnapped teens come together, ask for prayers
Group receives call from Netanyahu, who says Israel is ‘doing everything’ to bring their sons home; ‘We feel deeply embraced by the entire Jewish nation,’ says Racheli Sprecher Frankel

In response to kidnappings, Israel to stiffen conditions of Hamas prisoners

Fundamentally Freund: Time to topple the Palestinian Authority

MK Zoabi: Kidnappers ‘are not terrorists’
Arab MK sparks storm with comments; Lieberman brands her ‘ terrorist’ as Zoabi, Jewish lawmakers trade barbs on Knesset floor.

Druze Leader Sends Message of Solidarity to Teens’ Families
‘As the leader of the Druze community, I want to give you strength in the face of this violent criminal act of terrorism,’ Sheikh writes.

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