Shtar, the hip-hop Israeli band made up of 5 religious olim, have released a really cool version of “Ma Nishtana”.

Based on the hit “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, the song weaves between the great vocals and cool rapping.

Shtar recently starred on the Israeli TV show HaKochav HaBa, where the winners represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest, and they were a real Kiddush Hashem!

Here are the rap lyrics:

Man, who knew…
From enslaved we moved, to this land we came to…
Now we’re setting right here talking to youths…
About our colored past, and now the family is at home at last.
Let’s get it going so I lift my glass.
Have to switch up, look at things different see a bigger picture.
Those were the plagues, all ten Pharaoh payed.
Then God took us to a better place.

How can we not lean to the left cause the best is all that we got.
Everything thing that we go through you’re standing there by our side.
And now we switch it up cause its that night.

Now watch, listen (free download here) and enjoy!

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