Sandra Solomon is a former Muslim Palestinian who is now an avowed Zionist, or in her own words: “I’m a Zionist and I’m proud of it!”

She also says that the Koran is full of anti-Semitic rhetoric and that is the root cause of the problem:

“As an ex-Muslim, and I studied the Koran very well, I can challenge the Mufti of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), if he can face me with that. The Koran itself is full of anti-Semitism, full of hate for the Jews. They teach the kids since they are, like, 5 years old – who’s the wrath of Allah (God) on them? The Jews. Who’s the grandkids of the pigs and monkeys? The Jews. Who’s the [most] filthy people on Earth? The Jews. Who are infidels? The Jews…

The Jewish people came back, they did not occupy it [the land], they came back. The root of the problem [is] the hateful messages in the Koran.”

She now lives in Canada and converted to Christianity, but has been going around the Palestinian territories showing what is really going on:

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