World Mizrachi is delighted to announce the appointment of Rav Hillel van Leeuwen as our new Educational Director. Rav Hillel will be responsible for spearheading our Shalhevet (shlichim training) program, Shlichut Center and other leadership programs and events.

Born in Chicago in 1971 and raised in Israel, Rav Hillel is a dedicated administrator, and an insightful and dynamic educator. He believes in personal growth through discussion and thought. A former IDF paratrooper and an avid team player, he views problems as a challenge and as an opportunity to grow, is always open to new ideas, and maintains an open door and open heart policy.

Rav Hillel is passionate about Zionism, Torah and education. He loves people, and claims to be in love with our Holy Land of Israel. In his many encounters with young Jews, he aims to inspire them to transform themselves from “Jews by chance” to “Jews by choice”.

Rav Hillel has spent 3 years as a shaliach in Toronto, Canada, where he taught at the Community Hebrew Academy [CHAT] while being actively involved in several Jewish Education projects and summer camps in North America.

For the past eleven years, Rav Hillel served as the Head of the English-speaking Program at Midreshet Yeud in Jerusalem. He is excited to join the ranks of the World Mizrachi movement, as he completely identifies with its legacy, ideals and goals. He lives in Ofra with his wife, Odeya, and their six children, and is currently pursuing an M.A in Tanach Studies.

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