The ZIONISMNEXT conference is a combination of a spiritual retreat and a TED conference.  We will be bringing in Israel thought leaders, advocates, innovators and influencers to provide a first time ever experience. 

 The structure of the main sessions will consist of two 20 minute TED style talks followed my a moderated 45 minute discussion.

We will also have break sessions and workshops on a variety of subjects including Peace diaologue, Israel’s high tech innovation, One State vs. Two State solutions, Role of non-Jews in Israel, meditation, and yoga.

And of course you will be able to relax and rejuvenate in the beautiful and tranquile Pocono Mountains


Between 1897 and 1967 the Zionist movement accomplished all of its goals.

We liberated our national homeland from foriegn rule, we ingathered a scattered and broken people, we revived a dead language and we made the desert bloom.

Today we are faced with a new array of challenges that can only be addressed with new ideas. Old paradigms of the “right” and “left”, “religious” and “secular” are quickly becoming obsolete.

Getaway this Labor Day weekend to a beautiful retreat setting, for a unique first time ever event. Join thought leaders and Israel influencers to explore what is the NEXT step for Zionism, Israel and the Jewish People..

ZionismNEXT is part Ted Conference part spiritual retreat. Our goal is to present paradigm changing ideas from thought leaders and social movers, in Israel.

The conference will be broken into 90 minute segments. During each segment two speakers will present for 20 minutes, followed by a 45 minute moderated Q and A. Shabbat will be observed and the delicious healthy cuising will be Glatt Kosher.

Speakers include:
Ari Abramowitz
Yishai Fleisher
Jeremy Gimpel
Yehuda HaKohen
Shlomo Katz
Gabe Reese
Michelle Rojas-Tal
Mottle Wolfe
Mordechai Zeller

Topics include:
One State or Two State Solution?
Jewish Law vs. Israeli Law
Religious Dialogue Between
Jews and Muslims
Apparteid, BDS and Third Intifada
21st Century Jewish Identity
Israel and U.S. Foriegn Aid
Palestinian Peoplehood Myth, Reality or Both?
Whole Nation – Religious/Secular Divide
Israel Innovation
Art, Culture, Music, and Peace
The Inner Peace Process
Taking Resonsibilty for the Middle East

All food will be strictly kosher, and Shabbat will be observed.


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