History was made in the South African Jewish community.  Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Glicksberg, the Senior Rabbi of the Mizrachi Movement in South Africa has been appointed as a Dayan – a rabbinic judge on the South African Beth Din.  This is a historic appointment and is the first time in many decades that a rabbi of the Religious Zionist Mizrachi Movement is an official Dayan on the South African Beth Din.

Rabbi Dr. Glicksberg and his wife Mira arrived in South Africa with their children 2-and-a-half years ago to fulfill the role of Senior Rabbi of the Mizrachi community and Rosh Kollel of the Bet Mordechai Campus Bet Midrash on the Yeshiva College campus.  The Yeshiva College/Mizrachi campus is one of the gems in the South African Jewish community, as it is the home of Mizrachi South Africa , a Shul campus with 7 Minyanim on Shabbat, the Yeshiva College school – a Religious Zionist school being the first and largest Torah school in South Africa with over 1,000 students, the home of the Bnei Akiva Youth Movement, as well as Batei Midrash for men and women.  Under the leadership of Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Avraham Tanzer the campus has grown to be arguably the premier Torah and educational institution in all of South Africa, offering a wide range of religious and educational services.

Yishar Koach to Rabbi Glicksberg and his family, to Avrom Krengel, Chairman of Mizrachi SA, and all members of the Board and the other campus Boards for this historic appointment.

“We are very proud of this wonderful achievement and are blessed by the impact Rabbi Glicksberg is having on the entire community as a whole”, Krengel said.

All of us at the Mizrachi World Movement wish Rav Glicksberg every success in his appointment, and to continue to take the values of Torah and Zion to even greater heights.

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