This past week, our reinvigorated UK branch was featured in the London media, focusing on the great work the movement is doing and the impact Mizrachi is having on the wider community.

The article contains a quote from Chief Rabbi of the UK and Commonwealth, Ephraim Mirvis, who explained why he agreed to become President of Mizrachi UK:

“I [became president] because I believe that, as Jews, our eternal challenge is both straightforward and also awash with complexity: How can we sanctify the innovations of the modern world in accordance with our eternal Jewish values? In Mizrachi, I see a movement which strives to strike that ideal balance.”

The article also mentions the work of Rabbi Eliyahu and Yocheved Silverman, a couple who are graduates of Manhigut Toranit – a high-level Torah scholarship program run by the Mizrachi World Movement in partnership with Kollel Eretz Hemdah. The Silvermans, who teach in schools and the wider community, are making a big impression already.

Executive Director Rabbi Andrew Shaw also lays out his plans for both the near future and the long-terms goals of the movement in the UK:

“We’re bringing over 13 of the top educators from Israel, and they’re being sent all over the country for Shabbat… And on Sunday, 7 May, we’re bringing everyone together for a whole day of inspiration at Kinloss. It will be a massive event, engaging thousands of people across the community…

In 10 years’ time, we hope the community will have far more of a strong committed modern Orthodox andreligious Zionist voice in our lay leadership, rabbinic leadership, school leadership and on campus.”

You can read the full article by clicking here.

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