MK Shuli Moalem wrote a letter today, asking World Mizrachi to be disseminated throughout Diaspora communities, especially in Eurpoe, telling them that the best response to the EU ‘settlement labeling’ fiasco, is to BUY Israeli products from Judea and Samaria.

Below you can find the text of her original letter, and then our translation:

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To the Jewish Community Rabbis in Europe

Re: Buying Israeli products from Judea & Samaria

Since its establishment, the State of Israel has been dealing with antisemitic elements active in the international arena, aiming to eliminate the Jewish State. The BDS organization together with Palestinian groups, have achieved a meaningful victory today with the EU’s resolution to mark Israeli products made in Judea & Samaria. History teaches us that Europe excels in marking things with any Jewish semblance.

The State of Israel sees in this resolution an anti-Semitic act, and a significant landmark on the road to the loss of the recognition of Israel’s right not only over Judea & Samaria, but also over all of the Land of Israel.

At the same time, labeling these products can serve as a trigger to purchasing them, thus preventing the BDS from achieving their goal.

I therefore request that you encourage your community to purchase those products specifically.


Shuli Moalem-Refaeli

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