The Daf Yomi project has managed to spread Gemara (Talmud) study to the masses. This is surely a great thing, but meanwhile intensive Gemara study remains primarily in the halls of the Yeshivot, not reaching the average person on the street.

Rav Eliyahu Lifshitz from Yeshivat Birkat Moshe in Maale Adumim decided to create a project in which sugiyot (sections) from the Gemara are summed up in detail. His new website called “Torat Imecha” – – presents a number of sugiyot in a simple and accessible manner to accompany one to study the Gemara.

“The idea of the website is to be a significant tool to assist those studying Gemara through to the Halacha” explans Rav Lifshitz. “We are fortunate in our generation that the Torah is learned by the masses, but still most of the Oral Torah is inaccessible to the wider community. In-depth and intensive Torah study, however, remains attainable for few. The wider community do not have the tools and the time to study a sugiya in detail and taste the depth of Halacha.”

Rav Lifshitz’s summaries are constructed in a simple way and using ordinary language that make the text accessible to those who do not have the ability to sit and study in a Beit Midrash.

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