Mizrachi marks 120 years of the passing of the founder of the concept of “Mizrachi” – Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever

PARASHAT VAYEITZEI: Like the angels, we too have periods when we are ascending and descending…

Supreme Court refuses to negotiate with government to come to agreement over small strip of land

PARASHAT TOLDOT: We know that Eisav was particular about honoring his father – but did he go too far?

It can really happen in the Middle East – even in the middle of Judea!

PARASHAT CHAYEI SARAH: Why parents have to act ethically and responsibly for their children’s education

The tourist from Romania had quite a surprise when she visited Jerusalem this week…

PARASHAT VAYEIRA: Why when the angels are sitting to eat does Avraham stand “over them under the tree”?

Switching off for Shabbat is such a great “time to disconnect” says Adam Neumann, CEO of WeWork.

PARASHAT LECH-LECHA: What we can learn about the modern “Baal Teshuva” movement from Avraham Avinu

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