Her trip for the holiday period to see her family was cut short to join her Israeli colleagues

ROSH HASHANAH: Why do we say God “hears” and “listens” to the shofar?

PARASHAT NITZAVIM-VAYEILECH: We are told that the Jewish people will return to Hashem twice – how so?

PARASHAT NITZAVIM-VAYEILECH: Why are we praised for bringing our little children to hakhel when they will just disturb their parents?

When Netanyahu was Finance Minister, he made drastic reforms to create Israel’s booming economy – how and what was his inspiration?

The long-serving leader of his community in Englewood, NJ, made Aliya this week – hear him talk about his thoughts…

Religious tolerance and freedom of religion being practiced in the holiest city in the world…

PARASHAT KI TAVO: What is the curse “one who strikes his fellow in hiding”?

PARASHAT KI TAVO: Why are we told that calamities happen to us due to lack of happiness doing mitzvot?

This video destroys the opinion that it is the “occupation” which is the cause for Palestinian terror…

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