Jonathan Pollard, who is due to finally be released later this month, will not be able to come live in Israel immediately, it appears.

As we reported in our previous post on the subject, Pollard will be forced to remain in the US for a period of 5 years. According to an article on the subject in the Jerusalem Post, Pollard will also be unable to forbidden from giving any interviews.

President Obama has the power to commute the remainder of Pollard’s sentence, and enable him to move to Israel, however, it appears that he will not do so, even though according to the JPost article “Obama has commuted sentences of 89 people during his presidency, more than any American president since Lyndon B. Johnson.” Obama is expected to announce more commutations at Thanksgiving.

The caucus for Pollard at the Knesset said they would fight the decision after Pollard is released.


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