Rav Aviner

In the last few years, there have been several cases of rabbis considered
experts in various fields requesting money for their services, especially
mystical subjects. Rav Aviner has written an article in which he comes out
strongly against the practice and declares that “they are not true Sages of

He says that “all my life I was brought up amongst great, holy and righteous
sages, and I never saw one of them asking money from someone who turned to
him for advice, help or prayer. They are happy to help. When someone is
hurt, they feel their pain and if someone cries, they cry together. They
help them with all their heart and don’t ask for money.”

“On the contrary, when they meet a person in need, they give them money,
whether as the emissary of charity funds, or from their own personal funds.
I have seen rabbis living in poverty, and nonetheless helping other from
their own funds. It is inconceivable that rabbis are asking for money!”

“Since when does a rabbi request money for advice, conducting a Chupa, being
present at a Brit or making a Shiva call? Unbelievable! Amongst those who
request money, you will not find even one true, righteous and holy Sage of

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