The World Mizrachi Movement and friends worldwide, honor Mr Solly Sacks for his dedication and commitment to the movement for the past 24 years

Dear Friends,

World Mizrachi together with its members and friends worldwide, has undertaken to write a Sefer Torah in honor of our long serving Director-General, Mr. Solly Sacks.

Solly will be retiring in July 2014 after 24 years of devoted service to the World Mizrachi Movement where he has strengthened and built the movement into a preeminent World Organization. Solly will continue to work for World Mizrachi in a part-time capacity after July 2014.

Solly’s dedication to all of Am Yisrael, together with a steadfast belief in Torat Eretz Yisrael, best summarizes his contribution to the World Mizrachi Movement. The creation of a Sefer Torah is a holy and exhilarating process. The scribe who writes the more than a half a million letters knows that each one is important, that none can be overlooked. Just like each letter is essential to ensure the validity of a Sefer Torah, each Jew is a vital component of the Jewish nation.

On completion of writing this Sefer Torah, it will be housed in the World Mizrachi Headquarters, where it will be used regularly by the many Mizrachi, Bnei Akiva and other Religious Zionists who will find a welcoming, warm and spiritual space in the center of Jerusalem.

We can see no better or more fitting tribute to Solly than for the building to house a Sefer Torah in his honor. We invite you to contribute and become our partners for this special project.

President Kurt Rothschild • Chairman Harvey Blitz •  Project Chairman Jack Kahn

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