Rafi Engelhart, the Bnei Akiva shaliach based in Houston, Texas, has been featured in the media as being one of the community leaders in the flood-stricken city assisting in the rescue efforts following the devastating Hurricane Harvey.

He was pictured going in an inflatable boat going across the area to assist those who were stuck in their flooded homes.

In addition, teams have been leaving from Israel to the stricken area from the IsraAid organization and United Hatzalah’s PsychoTrauma and Crisis Response Unit.

תנו לייק לגיבור השבוע, רפי אנגלהרט, שליחנו ביוסטון, טקסס, שיצא בעיצומה של הסופה להציל אנשים שבתיהם הוצפו והצליח לחלץ 8 א…

Posted by ‎בני עקיבא העולמית World Bnei Akiva‎ on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sending our thoughts and prayers to those affected.

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