Minister of Agriculture, Yair Shamir told reporters that “Jerusalem will always be ours, and if anyone wishes to divide it, that would be a problem.”

“We must not be tempted by pressures, I do not know what the position of the Prime Minister is, but I hope he will be a good Zionist and resist the pressures. I’m not going to quarrel with him, I don’t want to be another Naftali Bennett, but I totally oppose dividing Jerusalem.”

Unlike his father, Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, who said the end of his term that he put off peace talks, Shamir Jr. believes that the “people want a solution, but not a solution of two states for two peoples. First, the Prime Minister will achieve his other goals such as recognition of Israel as a Jewish State by the Palestinians, and then begin to talk about two states,” explained Shamir.

An outline of Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposal exposed by the New York Times includes an Israeli withdrawal to the ’67 borders with the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state by the Palestinians.

In addition, the proposal declares East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank would take place in stages to the ’67 lines. Withdrawal will not include certain settlement blocs, but Israel would compensate the Palestinians in other areas. The agreement does not include the right of return of Palestinian refugees to Israel.

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